Cruise Critic

The largest growing holiday destinations, and now the most sought after, is a holiday via a cruise. Whether passengers want to hop along many islands on a long cruise, or would prefer to take a short cruise with days mainly at sea, there is certainly a cruise line that will have exactly what you desire.

Cruises may be focused on tropical islands or exotic destinations, and can stop at many ports along the way, or simply allow passengers a chance to do some whale watching throughout the tour. Tour lengths will depend on the budget and overall plans of the passengers. Those folks who can only spare a long weekend away from work will enjoy the same amenities and on-board luxury options as a family choosing a two-week cruise to another continent.

Norwegian Cruise Line

Norwegian Cruise LineOne of the most trusted names in the industry has spectacular options for passengers who want choices when visiting the Caribbean. Choose from a Caribbean cruise that focuses on the Western Caribbean, Eastern Caribbean and Southern Caribbean. Now you can not only choose the general area, you actually get to the pick the islands you want to see most! Bookings can be made at multiple ports up and down the east coast on a daily basis. Consult with a travel agent now to find out when your ship is coming in!

Known for some of the most fantastic ships on the sea, NCL is proud to announce the new voyages of their latest ship, Breakaway. Even the toughest critics could not find anything to improve upon. The ship is complete with a casino, several dining options and plenty of social activities available day and night. Most guests love the atmosphere, which is more casual than formal, and focuses mostly on relaxation!

The Cruise Critic

Just like every other customer service industry, cruise ships and their parent companies have many governing boards that ensure their quality standards are satisfactory to the general public. A cruise critic is a rather informal, unbiased traveler who takes cruises to different locations, offered by multiple carriers, and who rates everything about their experience. Sometimes a critic will act anonymously, like a mystery shopper, so that the guest services staff does not offer preferential treatment. Other times, the critic will openly announce their visit and position to the captain, chef and other members of the customer service management team. Their report findings may end up on websites, in travel magazines and in newspaper articles.

From the booking, the actual cruise ship, the meals, entertainment and sometimes even the other passengers, the critic will thoroughly address every aspect of their cruise. One of the favourite travels for these critics is to book last minute cruises, Caribbean style in particular, and compare the different carriers who offer similar day excursions and last minute deals. They may choose to book online or through a travel agent, and with several different carriers – shopping for price differences and any obscure discounts.

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