Seniors Cruises

senior cruisesSeniors, today, are not stodgy and staid, they want to see the world, and do it with a mature sophistication. Though some seniors may have special needs, require wheelchair access, and special diets, they have not lost their sense of adventure. That’s why senior cruises are offered by all the major cruise lines.

Get the Most Out Of a Senior Cruise

Some of the items seniors want most out of their cruises are based on their specials needs. Accessibility issues are top ranking, allowing those who are in wheelchairs, or require walkers to have access to the ships wonderful features; like drop-down platforms into pools, or ramps into all the areas of the ship. Others seek a relaxing and peaceful environment onboard, free of the raucous of youth.

Many seniors want to edify themselves while onboard, learning about the ports they’ll visit, or simply just to enrich the mind. Senior cruises have amazing enrichment programs that will satisfy a wide range of interests; from languages, to art classes, to physical therapy courses, you will find something to stimulate the intellect.

All cruises are floating culinary heavens, offering wide selections of delicious cuisines, sweeping buffets, and independent dining choices. Don’t worry if you have dietary restrictions. Most cruise lines accommodate your needs with an advance notice, usually by 60 days. And the top lines offer heart-healthy and low-carb menu items to appeal to the health conscious.

If sitting around is not your thing, many senior cruises offer a bevy of activities. There are therapy pools, organized activities, fitness centers, and much more to stimulate the body, and keep the heart healthy.

Most importantly, convenience and budget determine what type of cruise to book, and is why seniors want age-restricted voyages. Most elderly work with limited budgets, and want to get the most out of their money. Visiting multiple destinations, while packing only once, is a convenient and comfortable way to explore the world. And you tend to get more for your money while onboard, with inclusive dining, enrichment classes and more. Seniors prefer traveling in sophistication, and to be treated with class, and that’s why they select senior cruises.

Many Cruise Choices That Meet Your Budget

There are so many voyages and ports to select from. It’s important to know what length of cruise you seek. There are brief 4-night cruises, or go for the epic 14-night cruise sailing through the South Pacific. Select a cruise sailing from Sydney and explore New Zealand, or soak in the rays of the Fiji sun. Sail the sea to India, China, Vietnam, or go across the world to South America. The destinations are endless.

We can help you choose the right cruise line and destination package. The process is exciting. We’ll assist in finding the perfect cruise ship to fit your tastes and special needs. We will take into view holiday specials, and special senior offers to keep you safely under budget. Your needs are highly important to us. Find out more about senior cruises, cruise lines, and the plethora of destinations you can select from to plan your amazing vacation – just call us to get going.