Under 35’s Cruises

Under 35’s CruisesTraditionally,cruise packages were tailored to meet the requirements of the older generations but in more recent times more young professionals and young families have been seeing the benefits of a cruising vacation. To take advantage in this increase in demand, many cruise companies are now creating exclusive packages to appeal to a more diverse range of travellers.

Tailored Packages

In the past,single travellers may have had difficulties in finding the perfect holiday choice to suit their requirements; this has changed with the advent of singles cruise packages. These packages are usually aimed at the under 35’s to allow lone travellers to mix with people of their own peer group. The events packages on board the cruise ship tend to be more social so the passengers can get to know each other as the boats cruise around a variety of areas of the world.

Each of the spacious cabins provides a perfect place to retreat from any activities if you require some quiet time to relax. The cabins usually have a whole host of features to make it feel almost as if you could be in a great quality hotel. Air conditioning, flat screen televisions and en-suite bathrooms with complementary toiletries are usually available as standard.

If you are feeling more sociable there are fantastic ranges of activities to occupy your days and evenings. There are usually ample selections of demonstrations, classes and activities. You can enjoy live music, dancing, quizzes and even talent shows where you can sing and dance. In addition to the standard range of swimming pools and water sports, the fun just never stops with shopping, activities and shows to keep you entertained. There are even beauticians and hair stylist salons along with men’s stylist services to ensure you look and feel at your best when you meet your fellow passengers.

The packages usually contain at least one or two themed nights which give you the chance to dress up and fully enjoy the company of your fellow travellers. Some cruise lines have formal nights or they can offer a cocktail evening which is less intimating for the more shy or reserved passenger.


Many of the cruise line companies offer a fantastic range of on board cuisine options. Many have numerous restaurants and cafes, some giving as much space as the boats will allow over to dining capabilities. The companies take a great pride in being able a great standard of cuisine whether it is through formal dining venues or more casual café style options. Even the most demanding food critic will find their own favourites to ensure they never go hungry.

Choosing the right package for you is essential for taking maximum enjoyment. If you are interested in booking one of the under 35’s cruises or one more suited to those who are young at heart travellers, please contact us. Sure Thing Cruises are happy to assist you with any aspect of planning the perfect cruise package for you, or answering any questions or queries you may have.