Full Moon Party Thailand

Full Moon Party ThailandEvery month has a full moon, but no month is the same in Thailand. Visiting the islands and having the chance to participate in the time honoured tradition of a moon party brings a new opportunity for every new visitor each month. Full Moon Party Thailand celebration features a host of indoor and outdoor parties with fun-loving people of all ages, nationalities and cultural backgrounds. Paying homage to the strength and purpose of the moon may be what draws people to the island for their first party, but the new and interesting people they meet keeps them returning year after year.

Full Moon Party Thailand Date

If you have never experienced the pull of the lunar calendar in this enchanting world, it is simply a must-do item to be added to your bucket list. Unlike trying to time a meteor shower, the showing of Northern Lights or some other sky display, the cycle of the moon is easy to plan. Book a week and you’ll get to partake of many of the celebratory activities. Most guests usually choose a minimum stay 5 nights anyway, because there is so much to see and do on the island. Full moon parties are truly just the beginning of what Thailand has to offer their residents and visitors alike. Koh Phangan is full of rich culture, exotic flavors, fresh fruits and vegetables, and of course, the beautiful miles of endless white sand beach. Impromptu parties appear and scatter along the beaches, near the resorts and along the coastline. It can be hard to tell where one stops and another begins. People love the energy that is released from the universe during this special week of celebrations, and especially the night of the actual full moon at Haad Rin Beach.

Beach Resort

Full Moon Party ThailandChoosing any of the fabulous beach resort options along the coastline will ensure you and your companions enjoy the best of luxury accommodation, and affordable pricing. Your local travel agent can assist you with the best selections depending on your party size, duration of stay and budget. Experienced travel professionals will also help you book exciting tours and sight-seeing opportunities that are loads of fun for the whole family.

Singles and couples who are attending the full moon party festivities in the evening will likely party all night and want to relax on the beach the following day. Because there is so much to see and do in this beautiful land, first time visitors especially want to ensure a stay that is long enough to experience as much as possible. Almost every resort has special guest services representatives that are able to help visitors plan as much adventure as they can handle. Guests can arrange to tour the jungle areas in search of unique wildlife, bird and plant species. For those that prefer to stay closer to the resort, native cooking classes, museums and local eateries, shopping and storefront businesses offer a fun way to pass the time on any given day.

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