Koh Phangan Full Moon Party

Koh Phangan Full Moon Party

Koh Phangan Full Moon PartyThailand is known for its peaceful tranquility, ancient customs and breathtaking scenery. One of the most famous landmarks lies on the South end of the island and is most famous for the moon party tradition. Each month, the full moon is celebrated with crowds of people, music and a large festival. There are also countless smaller parties that occur randomly during the celebration. Locals and tourists alike take a break to pay homage to the ancient customs of the lunar calendar through dancing, drinking and carousing.

Smaller parties also form to celebrate the Half Moon and the Black Moon, but the full moon party is by far the most famous. What started with a handful of people several years ago has grown into one of the largest international party spots in the world. Just about every beach has several parties going on at once and partygoers are able to hop around, bouncing from one group to another. Sometimes known as a ‘party with a purpose,’ the moon parties are a way to pay tribute to history and honour ancient customs. Most of the island is steeped with history, and these monthly celebrations are a great way to share the storytelling and dancing traditions with newcomers and future generations.

These festivals are a great way to mingle with the locals and learn the latest dances, as well as the traditional and ceremonial dances. The infusion of tradition and modern styles is something that everyone must see firsthand to truly understand the appeal and unique energy that comes with the territory. Since the first regular tourists began making routine trips to the island in the mid-1970s, the party vibe has exploded with ever-increasing popularity.

Planning a Visit

planning visit koh phangan thailandMultiple tourist and business websites offer examples of vacation packages that include a glimpse of the next full moon party. Because the event occurs every month, it is very easy to accommodate travelers who plan to take a holiday on short notice. The island is also very popular with backpackers and those interested in the most adventurous vacationing activities.

However, those individuals, couples and families looking for a more relaxing holiday will be pleasantly surprised by what Thailand has available. Since the ancient meditation forms and strength training exercises originated in the area, almost every resort has a spa available for Yoga classes. For those who prefer to sunbathe or curl up with a good book, every hotel has private access to a white sand beach, perfect for enjoying the scenery.

If visiting Thailand is on your to-do list (and it certainly should be!), you won’t want to miss the full moon celebrations! Even if your main goal on the vacation is to relax and unwind, the unbeatable memories of the many moon festivals is something that will astound and entertain your friends for years to come. Want to find out just what all the excitement is about? Call or click today to learn more and book the fantasy vacation of a lifetime!