Jersey Shore Holidays That Make You Feel Like a Star

Jersey-Shore-Schoolies-Week-20You’ve watched the Jersey Shore series, now it’s time to have a little fun of your own. If you’re a fan of the world-famous series, spice up your next holiday by heading to the real life Jersey Shore. There is no better way to spend your next holiday than seeing what the famous Jersey Shore television series is really all about first hand.

It’s one thing to watch a reality show as riveting as this, but to be there where the shore cast hangs out and truly experience the real thing is a totally different experience.  What is so great about this type of holiday is that most of those who take advantage of it are really able to relate to the cast of the show and relive any given season that happened to be their favourite. All too often when escaping for a holiday break it always takes a few days to unwind from the school routine then try and become familiar with the holiday destination. By going to the very place that Jersey Shore focuses on the student already relates to the area and the atmosphere from having followed the shore series.

Re-live the Jersey Shore moments by Pauly D, Snooki, Deena, JWoww, Sweatheart, Vinny, Ronnie, Angelina, and The Situation.

Just imagine getting to see the house firsthand where the 9 shore cast members spend their time together.  Then think about having to share this abode with 7 other people all of the time, and never having a moment of privacy from your fellow mates, or the multitude of cameras that are spread throughout the house. While there, picture yourself as being part of any one of the many episodes and how you would have handled it.

Many travellers know about the State of New Jersey but didn’t know about the aura and excitement that each season series has unveiled until now. The great thing is that while you are there you get to see all the other venues that you may have seen in any one of the airings of the series that has really brought a lot of attention to MTV. You will get the chance to hang out at all the local area hot spots where the famed cast would have done the same thing.

Jersey-Shore-Schoolies-Week-8It’s not just the location of Jersey Shore and being there that creates all the fun either. If you are familiar with the cast members then you most likely have a favourite or two and can really relate to them.  It is a well-known fact that the theme for this group often centers around a little “get crazy”, and for those of you that really want to let loose during your holiday time then what better place to do it then on the very same ground which the Jersey guys and gals did.

While all the talk has been about having a great time something to remember is that you want to fully plan for your time here. Just like any other holiday spot you need to know where you are going to stay, and what is the best and cheapest way to travel. Using a travel planner that is up to date as to where the best New Jersey deals are for these needs will give you that comfort zone of knowing that all the important things that make up a good holiday are well looked after. Remember that it’s not only the Australians who want to become part of the Jersey Shore excitement, but fans from all around the world want to make this the destination for their time away.

As Jersey Shore Seaside Heights specialists we can help you get the perfect trip together (we have staff who have done this trip in person and have stayed in the Jersey Shore TV show residence, staff can assist you with your full trip by emailing  All you have to be concerned about what a great time you are going to have. We look after the details and the fun, you look after packing your bags!