FAQs Vanuatu

Q) What are the parties like?
They are great fun! Your Official Schoolies wristband gets you access to Schoolies parties as well as Schoolies discounts. Schoolies parties and events are held on-site at the Schoolies accommodation as well as a local bar/nightclub in Vanuatu just for Sure Thing Schoolies.

Q) What are the dates for Schoolies?
A) The dates change from year to year and are as follows.
Week One: 19 Nov – 26 Nov 2022
Week Two: 26 Nov – 3 Dec 2022

Week One: 18 Nov – 25 Nov 2023
Week Two: 25 Nov – 2 Dec 2023

Q) Is it true that some places have reduced Schoolies “Week” to 6 nights?
A) Yes, unfortunately, some places have done that. Rest assured, when you book with Sure Thing Schoolies, it is a genuine Schoolies “Week”. Sure Thing does 7 night Schoolies packages as standard.

Q) Is Alcohol allowed at the Schoolies Hotel?
A) Alcohol is generally not permitted at most Leavers venues

Q) Who goes in which room with each other?
A) Each group will get their room allocation, however, we don’t select the guest’s configurations within their group, you guys can decide amongst yourselves in the room.

Q) Is there a Curfew?
A) No. You don’t have this restriction at Sure Thing Schoolies accommodation

Q) Do they speak English in Vanuatu?
A) Most people in Vanuatu speak English very well. Schoolies have no issues with communication in Vanuatu.

Q) Are things expensive in Vanuatu?
A) Things are priced similarly to what they would be in Australia. Though, you will find that certain things are remarkably cheaper.

Q) What’s the food like in Vanuatu?
A) The food is fantastic in Vanuatu and what you would enjoy back in Australia. Meals include thinks like pizza, steak, pasta, fish and chips, wedges, chicken, burgers and much more.

Q) Do you cater for dietary requirements such as vegan or vegetarian?
A) Yes. Let us know in advance and we will request the correct food for you.

Q) When should I get my passport?
A) You don’t need a passport to make a booking, but don’t leave it any later than 2 months. You can organise your passport through the Post Office.

Q) Do I need a Visa?
A) No, you don’t need a visa to get into Vanuatu if you have an Australian Passport.

Q) Can I plug my things in and get electricity?
A) Yes. In Vanuatu they use the same plugs and voltage as Australia.

Q) Can we Tip and Bargain in Vanuatu?
A) It is not advised to bargain in Vanuatu. If you see something for sale at a certain price, do not try to bargain as it is against their custom. The only time you can bargain a price is with a taxi ride (if you need to use one for any reason) since there isn’t set pricing in place. Tipping isn’t part of their custom either. So if you’re happy with someone’s service, just smile and say “Tankyu Tumas” (Thanks a lot) rather than giving a tip. They feel bad accepting any tips and will refuse. The only time you can bargain a price is with a taxi ride (if you need to use one for any reason) since there isn’t set pricing in place.

Q) What’s the transport like?
A) In town there are many taxis and buses in Vanuatu which can generally be flagged down as they pass you. Buses are cheaper, and it should cost you only 150VATU (under $2 Australian) to get to another part of town. If you need any help, ask a staff member or rep from Sure Thing Schoolies who will be on-site at the accommodation.

Q) Do we need immunisations?
A) Vanuatu is a very safe place to visit in this regard, however, please consult your doctor if you have any questions.

Q) Are under 18s allowed to drink in Vanuatu?
A) In relation to drinking, it is the same limitations apply as in Australia, however, it’s not enforced. If you choose to drink do so responsibly. There is a great Schoolies vibe at the Schoolies accommodation that can be enjoyed every evening for all Schoolies regardless of age. Schoolies are generally aged 16 and 18, those who have been to Vanuatu in previous years have mentioned that the rules overseas are very laid back, so they chose to drink during Schoolies Week.

Q) How do we make sure we get the Schoolies wristband for Vanuatu?
A) When you arrive at the airport, you will be given a VIP Schoolies Vanuatu colour-coded wristband which you will use to get your meals as well as to access your accommodation. This should be kept on at all times, it also has important contact information on there. This is the only way to access the Schoolies parties and activities in Vanuatu since Sure Thing Schoolies is the official organiser of Schoolies in Vanuatu.

Q) How soon should we book?
A) As soon as possible to get the best accommodation for the best price. To get things started, contact schoolies@surething.com.au and let us know how many people are in your group. From there, we will send you an itinerary of the best available rooms and will give you details on how you can make them yours!