New South Wales Schoolies Packages & Accommodation

Some of you might want to steer clear of overcrowded Schoolies destinations. If you want the best week ever then one of the fast rising places to stay at is Byron Bay and Terrigal. We have awesome Schoolies Travel packages for both destinations in New South Wales.

NSW beaches are becoming more popular every year and are considered really safe compared to other beaches. If you like surfing or maybe just lay under the sun, well this would be the perfect choice.

You are definitely not safe too much fun! We have the best places to stay in and activities that are spectacular but we are sure that you will be safe in the area. So all you have to be worried about is missing out.

You have endless choices when it comes to what you can do in NSW. With our top destinations, we suggest a little fun under the sun, you can surf, swim, play beach volley or just soak under the sun. The beaches in Byron Bay and Terrigal have beautiful fine sand and clear waters. Fun programs are also held in the beaches so there’s no dull moment.

At night you can also party with other people on Schoolies Weeks. Now all you have to be worried about is really getting some sleep because the activities are endless!

The 2 official Schoolies locations in NSW with Schoolies parties are Byron Bay and Terrigal.

What Are You Waiting for?
If you think that this is the best destination for your Schoolies Week then you check out the details and packages we have and have dibs on the best accommodations or talk to our dedicated Schoolies New South Wales Managers and let them help you decide the right destination and travel package for you.

Take note that all employees at Sure Thing Schoolies are Fully Accredited and Qualified.