Schoolies Tips & Advice For Your Ultimate Celebration

schoolies tipsIt’s a really good idea to talk to the experts when you’re thinking about options for your Schoolies Trip. There’s plenty of awesome Schoolies accommodation available, which will put you at the centre of the Schoolies Action.

Sure Thing Schoolies is ATAS Accredited, which means we are in the very highest category of professionalism, credibility and reliability in the Travel industry. Only the very best are able to achieve this level of accreditation.

We guarantee to offer you the Best Schoolies package in Official Schoolies Accommodation that meets the following criteria:

  • Schoolies friendly
  • Great location
  • Safe location
  • Reasonable House Rules that still allow you to have fun
  • 100% acceptance of Schoolies guests who have booked in through a Schoolies package
  • Price check and Bond Check
  • Staff know and understand about Schoolies and can help you enjoy your week
  • Fully Accredited and Qualified staff on site at all times

It’s also always a good idea to have the essentials covered for Schoolies week. Here’s a few tips:
Keep busy – find out what events and activities are available at your destination

Register as a Schoolie – you can get heaps of free stuff, information on activities, discounts and priority entry into venues (see links under further information)

Have enough money – for food, accommodation, activities and to use in an emergency. If you plan to drink, have a budget for alcohol so you don’t run out of money for other things

Remember that alcohol and swimming don’t mix – don’t swim or do water sports when you’ve been drinking or taking drugs

Stay with other people – never swim or surf alone, or at night

Swim in safe locations – swim between the flags.

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All employees at Sure Thing Schoolies are fully Accredited and Qualified.

Schoolies week for 2022: Details and Packages are now available