Things to Do in Vanuatu

When people think about the South Pacific they conjure up images of lush tropical forests, turquoise seas, and exotic people. And with a trip to Vanuatu for your upcoming holiday, you will not be disappointed. Vanuatu offers plenty of fun, excitement, adventure and romance for every type of traveller.  So, no matter what you are looking for you will find things to do for everyone.

For The Adventure Seeker

mele-cascades-1If you are an adventure lover, then you can’t pass up the opportunity to go Abseiling off the edge of the Mele Cascades Waterfall near Port Vila.  Enjoy the climb up to the top and take in all the breathtaking views on the way.  You certainly won’t have time to soak it all in as you step off the edge and abseil your way down 50 meters of warm tropical rainforest waters.  At the top of the Cascades, soak in the 180 degree view of Efate Island and Mele Bay. Or for you real thrill seekers, take part in the new Zip Line adventure… fly through the forest on a flying fox between amazing cliffs and spectacular scenery.

irrikkiJust under an hour from Port Vila by plane you can arrive on Tanna Island where you can get your thrills as you walk along the rim of the active Yasur Volcano (the most accessible active volcano in the world).Imagine standing at the edge of the crater’s rim.  Listen to the hissing of the steam as it escapes its vents where it has been trapped for thousands of years and look down into the molten lava pot just below your feet.  Feel the vibration of the earth under your feet and watch with awe as the innermost regions of the earth come bursting out of the earth in an ear splitting display of power.

For the Romantics

the-summit-gardensFor the romantic travelers, whether it is your honeymoon or just a quiet get away for some alone time together try the Hideaway Island Resort.  This ancestral home for many of the locals makes for a unique and exotic stay that connects you not only to each other but also to the past.  The Hideaway is known for its relaxed atmosphere and an ideal place for snorkeling and SCUBA diving.  You can literally be in a whole new underwater world in a matter of minutes.  Enjoy the splendor of the natural beauty and the surrounding coral reefs as nature intended and walk along a private beach as you enjoy your time together. Of course there are several great resorts for honeymooners including Eratap Beach Resort, The Havannah Vanuatu, Ratua Island Resort, and many more (which we can tell you all about)

Espiritu Santo

espiritu-santoVanuatu is made up of more than 80 different islands and they all have something to offer.  But make sure that you get to Espiritu Santo and take in the sights at Million Dollar Point where you can dive amidst the relics tossed into the sea at the end of World War II, or even dive the sunken ship (SS Coolidge) which is bigger than the Titanic and is considered to be one of the best wreck dives in the world.But for more of the natural beauty of the island go to the Ri Ri River Blue Holes where the locals will take you out in a dug-out canoe where you can explore local scenery from a completely different perspective.

No matter what port you travel to in Vanuatu you will find a feast for your heart, eyes and soul exclusive to the islands of the South Pacific.

Keep in mind, that it’s great to speak with someone who has been there in person. Our staff are highly professional and very well informed. In fact, if you call us, you will be speaking with someone who has been there in person – to each hotel – on several occasions. You can ask about the ins and outs of certain hotels, tours and things to do. We absolutely love the country so we are happy to help so that you can fall in love with Vanuatu too 🙂

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