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We indulge in Leisure Travel – No matter what kind of holiday you are planning… ‘Sure Thing Leisure Travel’ will put the package together for you.

‘Sure Thing Leisure Travel’ is fully Australian-owned and caters specifically to Australian residents covering all holiday destinations world-wide.

Over 99.97% of our customers say they will travel with ‘Sure Thing Leisure Travel’ again, establishing an incredible satisfaction rate.

We cover domestic and international locations including Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Africa, New Zealand, South Pacific and Indian Ocean Islands.

We can organise the entire package for you, including: airfares, accommodation, hotels, transfers, car hire, travel insurance, visas, travellers cheques, entertainment and even restaurant reservations. saving you time and hassle.

Sure Thing Leisure Travel products and services of the Highest Quality.

All employees at Sure Thing Leisure Travel are Fully Accredited and Qualified.

Many Great Holiday Package Specials Now Available

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Party Cruises

Everyone loves a great holiday, and it’s even better when it’s on a party cruise. They say that when you cruise once, you go at least 5 more times… Get prepared to fall in love with cruising! Whilst there are cruises that depart daily out of Australia, if you’re a young adult who wants a good crowd and a party vibe then you have to ensure you’re on the right cruise ship on the right dates. There are certain cruises that attract the fun crowd… and that’s where you want to be! Cruising is truly a complete holiday experience, all your meals, accommodation, travel and entertainment are sorted, now all you have to do is enjoy the experience.



Renee H.

Really really good! Thank you so much, seriously. I’m going to go again in Feb with even more mates. Loved all the people I met on board and we got some good advice about the cabin and all got to stay next to each other, everything was sorted out really well by Sure Thing Cruises.

Kelly V.

omg yes. Incredible!! You guys helped us so much. If I ever know of anyone who wants to go on a cruise I will get them to contact u guys. I think half my facebook wants to go after all the photos and videos I posted

Dazza M.

Good stuff broz. Very memorable for my mates, except 1 that drank so much most nights that he couldn’t remember haha. Nah it was good, everything was, friendly crowd too, im glad we listened when sure thing picked out a cruise for us

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