Book Magnetic Island Schoolies Accommodation

North Queensland’s premier island paradise, Magnetic Island is the perfect place to unwind on your Schoolies week away. A true tropical paradise, it offers the finest of nature’s niceties amidst an unequivocal island vibe, making it absolutely impossible not to forget all your high school stressors and have the getaway of a lifetime.

Sitting pretty just 20 minutes ferry ride off the coast of Townsville, Magnetic Island is a majestic wonderland abound with blessings of beautiful beaches, epic aquatic activities and prolific native wildlife. Ideal for relaxation and adventure alike, each day can be as mild or as wild as you like when you let Maggie host your Schoolies week away.

Feeling up and about? Pull on your hiking boots and set stride to explore the majestic Magnetic Island National Park. Revel under the endless sunshine as you make your way to one of the many breathtaking lookouts to enjoy mesmerising views over the vast expanse of the captivating Coral Sea. Along your way, keep your eyes out for the plethora of native wildlife that call the lush local landscape home and be sure to stop in at some of the many World War 2 ruins to get an insight into this beautiful island’s history.

When it’s time to get wet, hit the coast to cool off. Hire one of the iconic topless buggies and explore the island’s expanses in style. Stop in at one of the many mesmerising bays for a swim or sunbathe, or opt to truly delve into the ocean scene with a sailing, snorkelling or scuba diving adventure. With fringes of coral reef and Australia’s number one wreck dive, the S.S Yongala Wreck, sitting right off the coast, this is an experience that is sure not to disappoint.

Magnetic Island truly is an island paradise that offers a surreal amount of adventure value. But don’t be fooled – with so much on offer, it is also one of north Queensland’s premier Schoolies spots with a sensational upbeat energy. So, if a relaxing island getaway that reserves you the right to party is what you seek for your Schoolies week away, then look no further than Magnetic Island. Book with Sure Thing today!