Schoolies Parties & Events: Find the Best Parties

schoolies partiesEach year as the end of the year approaches, graduating high school students make their way to Queensland to finally get a chance to really let their hair down. On Australia’s Gold Coast, no one can party better than Schoolies when they get chance. Finally, with assignments and exams behind them, it’s time to close the books, and find something that will help to melt the stress away. So, if you’re a graduating high school student looking for a way to shake off all your worries about grades, exams, and teachers, make your way to one of the amazing Schoolies Parties and have the time of your life.

Queensland, Australia is the perfect place to get started. Here you have miles of sun drenched beaches with pristine waters for surfing and playing during the daylight hours and the best bars and nightclubs you can find for your nighttime excitement. In short, it’s the perfect party place. You can party just about anywhere, on the beach, in the clubs, or even at a theme park if that’s what you want.

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What to Do At a Schoolies Festival

An amazing full week schoolies festival includes so many things to do that you could never run out of exciting adventures to keep you busy. Besides the awesome surfing experience, Queensland offers some thrilling theme parks where you can test your limits on some heart pumping rides that will certainly get your blood flowing.

Of course no schoolies festival would be complete without the many dance parties with fantastic DJs making sure that only the best tunes are on the spin. You can party the whole week non-stop with VIP passes that let you in one nightclub after another. Filled with great music, these are the places where you can dance ‘till you drop and absorb all the thrills of being a schoolie.

To get ready for your awesome schoolies party tour, there are plenty of places to shop. Find your brand name, designer shopping experience and get amazing deals at the same time. There is no end to the fun and excitement that you can have during a schoolies week in Queensland.

On a Queensland schoolies party tour a student can party the whole week with amazing giveaways, party photos, and the best music to get your body moving.

The amazing beach parties and island parties aren’t limited to the Gold Coast though! You can also get access to the Official Schoolies Parties in Magnetic Island, Byron Bay, Phillip Island, Terrigal, Fiji (every night at the Sure Thing Schoolies Resort) and in Vanuatu (at the Schoolies DJ Festival and exclusive Sure Thing Schoolies parties). If you want to hear more about this then we don’t blame you! We are only 1 phone call or 1 email away, or simply submit the contact form on this website and we will help you : )

Rite Of Passage

An amazing schoolies party tour is a modern rite of passage for many students. Here is an opportunity for graduating students to come and do the things that students love best: surf and party and just enjoy the thrill of being young and make lasting memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Schoolies week is a well deserving reward that comes from years of hard work of studying and exams in school. So go ahead: shop, eat, surf, party, and do all the things that will make you feel like the success you really are. Become your own celebrity with a week of fun at a schoolies festival in Queensland, Australia.

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