Book Fiji Schoolies Accommodation

Bula, and welcome to Fiji – one of the South Pacific’s most prolific tropical tourist destinations. A genuine splendour of beautiful beaches, epic aquatics and sensational sunsets, this island paradise is brimming with tourism value that is guaranteed to provide you a Schoolies experience you will never forget.

Set sail to this amazing archipelago for Schoolies and get lost exploring the country’s 300+ stunning islands as you embrace its endless sunshine and infallible island vibes. Home to a culture where the locals still practice centuries old ceremonies as a part of their everyday way of life, during your getaway you can opt to get involved in spectacles such as fire walking, explore the local folklore with a Meke Ceremony, or bend your senses enjoying some ‘Fiji Time’ with the locals as you drink to their cultural cornerstones of respect, authenticity and welcoming in an iconic Kava ceremony.

Along your way, be sure to embrace the pristine local landscape also. Set out and wash your worries away under the wild, remote waterfalls; delve into the vivid underwater scene with a scuba or snorkelling adventure here at the soft coral capital of the world, or top up your tan on the mesmerizing, palm tree lined beaches that offer world-class waves and dazzling daily sunsets.

With accommodation options ranging from authentic village homestays to lavish bungalow hideaways, Fiji offers something for all tastes and budgets. Contact Sure Thing to organise your perfect Schoolies adventure today.