Book Thailand Schoolies Accommodation

Set sail for the land of smiles for Schoolies and get lost in the stunning scenery, captivating culture and stupendous value that will leave you feeling like you’re loaded. Famous for its friendly locals, scrumptious cuisine and mesmerising, island strewn coastline, there is a reason Thailand is one of the top 10 most visited countries in the world. No stranger to showing a tourist a good time, Schoolies here is guaranteed to be an experience you will never forget.

Spend your days embracing the country’s rich history at one of the many ancient ruins, ornate temples or lavish royal palaces that are strewn from top to tail. Revel in the endless sunshine as you explore the expansive array of tropical islands and all of their stupendous swimming, snorkelling and scuba diving experiences. Or, delve into the vast expanses of lush local rainforest that are home to a massive 10% of the world’s wildlife, including elephants, monkeys, leopards and tigers.

Along your way, be sure to take a look at the bewildering array of fabulous fakes on sale at one of the bustling local markets. Expand your culinary horizons by sampling the ludicrously cheap, local cuisine. And then top it all off with a tantalising Thai massage experience which you can find for a mere fraction of the price you would pay in Australia.

With a backyard abound with adventure, friendly locals and comparatively cheap prices, Thailand offers a Schoolies experience that you will not top. Talk to Sure Thing travel today to plan an international outing that you will never forget.