Schoolies Survival Guide: Top 10 Tips to Survive Schoolies Week


1. Plan ahead

The earlier you plan Schoolies Week, the better! Check out How to Get the Best Deals on Schoolies Holidays{insert hyperlink for article to open in new tab} at least 18 months out from Schoolies Week to ensure you get the best deal.
Once you’ve booked your accommodation,you’ll only need to worry about transport, parties, food and drinks when Schoolies Week comes around!

2. Book official Schoolies accommodation

One of the biggest Schoolies Week mistakes is not booking official Schoolies accommodation. An AirBnB is not an official Schoolies booking and can be cancelled at any time (like the day before Schoolies starts) by home owners. For peace of mind, fun, safety and smooth Schoolies trip it’s better to be Legit. Book through the Official Schoolies provider – Sure Thing Schoolies to ensure you’re booking Official Schoolies accommodation.

3. Look after your mates

You’re there to have #thebestweekofyourlifewith your best mates, so look after them! Use a buddy system so you’re not walking home alone. Keep an eye on each other’s’ drinks and check in which each other often to see how you’re going.


4. Don’t accept drinks from people

Only ever pour your own drink and never leave it unattended. Don’t accept drinks from others who you don’t know and if you’re buying a drink from the bar, make sure you don’t leave it on the bar.

5. Know your limits

You’ve finished school and it’s time to celebrate! But Schoolies isn’t just one night, so pace yourself. Don’t go too hard on the first night and leave yourself broke and exhausted for the rest of the week.

6. Stay hydrated

Water (and Berocca) is your best friend during Leavers Week. Make sure you have bottled water in your hotel room or campsite for when you return after a long night. Take advantage of free water in the Schoolies Zones. Hydration is key to surviving a week of late nights!

7. Know where to find help

Familiarise yourself with where to find help during Leavers Week. Look out for Sure Thing Schoolies Reps who are there to answer your questions and help you out. Save the emergency services contacts in your phone just in case.

8. Know the rules

Know the rules inside your official Schoolies accommodation and the Leavers Zone. Respect the authorities and each other.

9. Feed yo’self

It’s easy to forget to eat when you’re having fun. All International and Domestic Schoolies locations have amazing cafes and restaurants nearby, so take advantage of this. Acai bowls in Byron, local fish and chips in Victor Harbor or traditional roti in Fiji, the options are endless! Otherwise, the vegemitesandwich your mum packed you will do!


10. Have fun

The most important thing to remember during Schoolies Week is to have fun! You’ve worked hard for the past decade, so you deserve a week of relaxation and wicked parties!

If you’ve got any questions about the Schoolies Survival Guide: Top 10 Tips to Survive Schoolies Week, chat to the experts at Sure Thing Schoolies today by calling 1300 49 59 69, emailing or head to Sure Thing Schoolies is the only ATAS Accredited Schoolies company with a 100% safety record. Our team is here 24 hours a day 7 days a week to answer any questions!