Byron Bay Schoolies 2013

byron-bayParents, teachers and other adults may not always see the benefit of celebrating a break from school, but students definitely need this designated time to cut loose and forget about their worries and studies. The academic pressures mount throughout the year and need to be released by way of a free week of partying and simply having fun. No thinking or test-taking required. To save costs, many students work in small groups and organise a trip where they will travel and stay together. This helps with budgeting, but also provides an extra layer of security since most students will travel in groups of two or more.

Byron-Bay-Schoolies-Week-37A Byron bay holiday house is one way for students to enjoy a holiday, however the ‘unofficial’ nature of booking a private home is problematic and can cause unnecessary conflict. Schoolies who have booked a house often find that the house owner either raises the price towards the time of departure, or cancels the booking without notice, or unreasonably keeps the bond. These are the last things you want to worry about when on a Schoolies trip. Therefore the smart option, and much more enjoyable option, is to book at an official Schoolies resort. It’s best to go for a resort that is dedicated to Schoolies and therefore is fun, safe and has an excellent Schoolies vibe – You want it to actually feel like a Schoolies trip after all!

The Byron – Byron bay area has always been immensely popular with the high school crowd because there are an unending list of opportunities for fun and adventure. Schoolies can enjoy water sports, cheap dining, tanning, hiking and more, all in one convenient location!

Byron bay accom searches will undoubtedly turn up many listings of private homes, resorts, hostels and other temporary housing solutions. Finding suitable lodging accommodations is easy, especially with the help of a reputable travel agency.

Byron Bay Byron Area Attractions

Byron-Bay-Schoolies-Week-44A Byron Bay holiday offers more for visitors than just a frivolous, easygoing time for schoolies. In fact, everyone can enjoy the bayside attractions and natural beauty the Byron bay area has to offer. Byron, or Bry, as it has come to be known by the locals, is a year-round hub of activity and excitement that peaks during the Schoolies period.

Schoolies can either socialise and party during the day or take part in equally fulfilling ways to enjoy the day by relaxing on the sand, or in a comfortable hotel room.

Byron-Bay-Schoolies-Week-41There is certainly enough to keep the schoolies busy in this pristine area. If you have never visited the area, you will be pleasantly surprised by all the activities that are concentrated in this exceptional location. A plethora of exciting activities and affordable rates have attracted schoolies from all over Australia in search of the perfect holiday destination. For many years, and likely more to come, the bay area will continue to draw regular customers as well as new visitors. As the Schoolies period approaches (from a distance), it’s best to book now for the best rates! The most popular accommodation fills up fast. We can help you find the perfect options to complete your booking!

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