Overseas Schoolies 2018 & 2019

Overseas Schoolies

If you’re looking to celebrate Schoolies Week in an exciting Overseas Schoolies location, here are four of the best Schoolies destinations to consider.

Vanuatu Schoolies

Overseas Schoolies Vanuatu SchooliesVanuatu gets fantastic reviews of its Schoolies events year after year, and has become the number 1 rated Schoolies destination. With its beautiful tropical island, great food, warm weather and extremely friendly locals, it gives you the perfect mix of freedom, sunshine and tropical beaches during the day, and Schoolies parties and events every night. Plus you’ll have the option to take a Schoolies Party Cruise on the beautiful waters of Vanuatu on one of the nights during Schoolies week!

Fiji Schoolies

Overseas Schoolies Fiji SchooliesSure Thing Schoolies Week in Fiji gives Schoolies the freedom to explore the island, experience the culture, go on tours, join in the activities, and enjoy the night life. Fiji has also become a very popular Schoolies destination and sells out quickly. Fiji is known for its fun, beach-party atmosphere, and is a place where you can relax and enjoy the sun during the day, and take part in all the Schoolies parties and events every night. Fiji is one of the safest Schoolies destinations, while still containing all that makes Schoolies Week so memorable for everyone.

Bali Schoolies

Overseas Schoolies Bali SchooliesOne of the hottest Overseas Schoolies destinations, Bali has become very popular due to its beaches, rich culture and beautiful weather. It also offers fantastic surfing, beach parties, restaurants, bars, nightlife and bargain shopping. If your group is looking to get far away for Schoolies to relax, have fun with friends, party hard and celebrate the end of high school, Bali has it all.

Thailand Schoolies

Overseas Schoolies Thailand SchooliesLike Bali, Thailand has become a very popular Schoolies destination because of its magnificent culture, great atmosphere and superb beaches. The locals are extremely friendly, and welcome tourists and Schoolies back every year.



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