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schoolies destinationLessons, homework, assignments, essays and social clubs fill up the schedule of most high school students these days. Who doesn’t need a break from school? Of course, every student secretly aches for, and spends time in class daydreaming of, the perfect holiday in Surfers Paradise Qld. That isn’t even a question! So what is the problem? Well, for most schoolies, the problem lies in the planning. Choosing a perfect destination, organising the budget and booking schoolies accommodation options is simply not something that fits easily into a schedule crammed with school work and a busy social life!

There is good news and relief available for busy students who want an unforgettable holiday this year. Our guide contains about a million ideas for the perfect student break getaway! Well, maybe not quite a million, but there are certainly enough choices to make the decision more interesting. But, you don’t have to take our word for it. Take a look for yourself today.

Too many students end up in subpar accommodations because they did not take the time to review the options that were available to them. It will not take long to find out the many different choices for an exciting and fun break, hanging out with close friends, making new acquaintances and lasting memories. Be the first in your group to do the research and pick the destination that will provide an unforgettable experience.

Choosing a Destination

The biggest decision that a schoolie must make during the holiday is where to spend their free time. The final choice is really a matter of prioritising a number of important factors. First, it is important to consider where friends and classmates are planning to spend the holiday. Certain activities that the group has in common will drive the ultimate destination planning. For example, if skiing, hiking or water sports are popular pastimes with a particular group of friends, these considerations will narrow down the top spots. For most schoolies though, daytime activities will pale in importance to the parties and events on offer in the evenings.

Byron Bay usually tops the list for students because of the many different activities to choose from, all without breaking the budget. There are plenty of water sports and beach activities to keep the interest of the most athletic members of the group, while even the less active beachbums can lie on the warm sand and soak in the rays of the afternoon sun. Importantly, the night life is equally exciting, with plenty of dancing and entertainment options among the warm evening skies.

If the decision for the best schoolies week location has been made for 2017 – book now! Get the best prices and accommodations when you contact an agent today and complete your booking. If you have not yet made the decision on where to spend the holiday, contact us today for more information. We can supply a complete list of ideas for the ultimate vacation destination that matches your specific criteria. Our guide contains a complete reference of general locations, amenities, group accommodations and varying rates per person.

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