Schoolies 2019 Destination Crew

Roles & Responsibilities of Destination Crew:

The “Sure Thing Destination Crew” is a team of experienced travellers from various backgrounds including youth workers, event management students, DJs, tertiary students, personal trainers and travel industry personnel.

Sure Thing Schoolies is Australia’s leading Schoolies provider and is the most highly accredited. Sure Thing Schoolies has an 13 year track record of innovating and leading the way with the creation of new Schoolies venues and events whilst always maintaining a 100% safety record for over 20,000 Schoolies. Sure Thing Schoolies is the official preferred supplier and partner of the Flight Centre Travel Group Australia-wide.

The role of the “Sure Thing Crew” is:

  • Meet all Sure Thing guests upon arrival at their Schoolies hotel (or at the airport for overseas destinations as they land).
  • Guide all Sure Thing guests through the check-in process.
  • Always be approachable with questions, issues or concerns.
  • Be available 24 hours. You will have a local mobile sim card and the hotel reception can call you anytime on the guest’s behalf.
  • If there is a situation whereby a Sure Thing guest must leave the resort or island and visit a doctor or hospital then they will be escorted by you. All locations have emergency action plans in place.
  • You are the big brother/sister, there to make sure guests have a smooth trip.
  • You address all obstacles that arise and ensure no guest is left behind.
  • Safety is of high importance and you must be stern with guests when required, without coming off bossy.
  • You will also work with the other event reps, Hotel Coordinators and Hotel Staff to ensure everyone has the best week of their life.

Who you are:

  • You live and breathe the values that makes Sure Thing Schoolies the leader in the industry.
  • You are a trip animator.
  • You are easy going and fun to get along with.
  • You like helping others have the best Schoolies trip possible.
  • You are flexible and are willing to go beyond to make sure things are done right.
  • You have the ability to multitask and manage large groups of students.
  • You are a good team player who wants to see the team be successful.
  • You are 20 years of age or older
  • You are First aid trained, or willing to be certified
  • You see this as an opportunity to learn and become a vital part of the team whilst enjoying what the destination has to offer.


This role is purely on a voluntary basis. No remuneration is provided for your time on destination. Sure Thing Schoolies will cover transport to the destination and accommodation as well as a meal allowance whilst on site.


There are various event locations available (in all states of Australia as well as Fiji and Vanuatu)

How to Apply:

To be part of the team, we encourage you to apply now! CLICK HERE TO APPLY