Schoolies Magnetic Island 2017

schoolies magnetic islandEvery year, graduating students set out to find the perfect place to leave all their cares behind and have a fantastic holiday after high school, before life as an adult begins and responsibilities creep up on unsuspecting teenagers. With so many small islands to choose from in the South Pacific, the criteria can be more selective for the most imaginative young minds.

Industrious students want to get the most enjoyment out of their last high school fling. So, although the most popular island may attract the most people during a schoolie holiday, that does not mean that every student will get the very best customer service and be able to pack in all the excursions or activities they have planned.

Schoolies Season Arrives

Schoolies Season ArrivesNo parent should really be surprised that their teen wants to participate in the Schoolies tradition, yet somehow when the end of the school year rolls around, parents are scrambling to make reservations and find suitable accommodations. The best way to avoid the headache of trying to make last minute plans is to speak with us about planning a holiday or schoolie in advance. Since the academic year is quickly coming to a close, it would be wise for tentative parents to begin making travel arrangements months in advance. One of the less populated resort locations in Magnetic Island is becoming the premier choice for the perfect balance of fun in the sun, moderate pricing and crowd management.

Schoolies Magnetic Island

Schoolies-Magnetic-Island-2There truly is a magnetic attraction to the island, especially since Horseshoe Bay and Nelly Bay Points lazily poke out to meet the ocean in an unassuming way. There is so much to do on this relatively small island, and the appeal extends far beyond the typical schoolie. The unique charm means that the holiday can be as exciting and energetic or as low key as the user prefers. Time spent here can be a place to party up and celebrate the last days of high school and the many meaningful friendships made along the way. Contact us to get the names of the Official Schoolies accommodation at Magnetic Island, as of course, the best available Schoolies deal.

On the other hand, the island can also be thought of as a simple recharge zone, where students can reflect on their past, present and future. Much like the groundwater is purified through a recharging process that goes straight to the roots, the human mind is made useful and rejuvenated through the process.

Individuals deserve to take a break from the pressures that build up throughout the year, and students especially need to decompress after school to prepare for a brand new life experience. One of the most effective ways to do this is through a traditional schoolie for adolescents; adults do not even need an excuse for a vacation from work. Spending equal amounts of time with close friends and enjoying a carefree week can do wonders for the overall mental health. However, Magnetic Island also offers plenty of opportunities for a quick stroll to a private oasis to read, relax and renew the mind.

If you’d like to find out more about Magnetic Island, just call or email us to get started.

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