Surfers Paradise Schoolies Accommodation Reviews

If you are looking for the absolute best place to stay for an upcoming schoolies trip, you have got to hear about out trip last year!

Surfers Paradise – A Firsthand Account

surfers-paradiseFirst, you have to understand all about Surfers Paradise, in case you have never been to this awesome little treasure cove! It is actually a suburb of the city, but anything along Gold Coast is sort of its own little world anyway. Since we were just there for a vacation, we forgot that people actually have businesses and jobs there. It was weird to see a bloke in his business suit strolling along the beach in the afternoon. But there you have it; fantasy meets reality even in the holiday season.

The whitest sand and the bluest water make the whole place seem like an absolute dream! My friends and I had such an amazing time, we tried surfing but clearly we are not too good at it so we left that to the folks who knew what they were doing. Hey, there was plenty of other stuff to do and see while we were there so not surfing wasn’t the end of the world.

My friends had an apartment in Surfers that was on like the tenth floor or even higher, and the view of the ocean was crazy! It looked like you could see the end of the world from up there. And at night, the city looked gorgeous too. The weather was brilliant during our whole trip. We took this underwater field trip with a local guide and got to see all the neat and some of the creepy things that lurk about under the tides.

Guest Rating

sure thing schooliesWe chose our property by looking at the list of best hotels. We found out that Sure Thing Schoolies lists only verified Schoolies hotel – so they officially get the tick of approval. We gave them a call and they were super helpful. We probably asked more questions than anyone else ever has, but they were patient and made sure we understood everything and had all the things we wanted before we completed booking. Almost every location had lots of ratings and we chose one with the most Loved it! online votes because we figured they were from other students just like us. We went with the hotel that Sure Thing Schoolies recommended since we wanted to make sure we did things right – we wanted to Full Schoolies experience after all.

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