Schoolies Accommodation: Camping, Hotels & Apartments

Here at Sure Thing, we are youth travel experts. We know and anticipate all of your schoolies week needs and wants, especially with regard to your hotel, apartment, house and camping accommodations.

Booking hotels and apartments for schoolies is a daunting task. Not only does it take a lot of research and planning to know which places have the best reviews, near the beaches and destinations of your choice, don’t skimp out on the facilities and is actually available during Schoolies Week for your entire group of friends. There’s also the big question mark on where your destination will be. With so many different options and a very limited time, you’ll want to make the most out of your schoolies experience and choose the best and hottest destinations for you and your posse.

The best way to skip over all the hassles and move on the fun times ahead of you is to just book Sure Thing services. We have travel packages that are customisable and complete. You don’t have to worry about booking your hotels and apartments in advance; our team can even often help with your transportation, accommodation, meals, and even parties and activities. Sure Thing makes youth travel stress-free for maximum enjoyment of what’s surely to be among the best times of your life.

Sure Thing Schoolies also gives you a variety of destinations to choose from. We have hotels and apartments saved up and ready for your Schoolies Week in the most in-demand destinations for schoolies. You can choose the hottest spots all across Australia – Gold Coast, Phillip Island, Byron Bay, Dunsborough Victor Harbor, or you can choose other exciting destinations such as Fiji, Bali and Vanuatu, and of course, much much more. Enjoy your days basking under the sun and go out clubbing at nights with your friends in an exotic land, just by choosing to book with Sure Thing. Schoolies travel has never been this easy and exciting!

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