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Sure Thing Schoolies Travel is a unique, Australian, award-winning travel service designed especially to cater for your Schoolies needs. Sure Thing Schoolies Travel offers you the widest range of options and the best Schoolies packages available when it comes to Schoolies Week celebrations, with amazing hotels and resorts at the best prices. There’s no need to worry about flights, accommodation, deadlines, fitting everyone in – we will do all of that for you – and because Sure Thing Schoolies is ATAS accredited, you can be confident of receiving highly professional, credible and reliable service.

Sure Thing Schoolies Travel only books accommodation with Schoolies Hotels and Schoolies Resorts, as our aim is for you to have the BEST Schoolies trip imaginable. If you’ve booked your stay through Sure Thing Schoolies Travel, you can rest assured that it’s verified Schoolies accommodation. This means there are no problems with checking in (even if you are under 18), as Schoolies accommodation is designed to cater for all Schoolies who have made a valid booking.

Booking your stay in Official Schoolies Accommodation is a huge advantage for all Schoolies who want to enjoy, relax and have fun, especially for those who are under 18, as it provides you with a venue where you can celebrate and enjoy Schoolies week, and experience the great Schoolies vibe, at a price to suit your budget. As well as being the centre of all the Schoolies action, it also gives you the freedom to explore the local beaches, take day tours, enjoy the water activities and experience the local culture during the day, and to discover the bars, clubs and night life when the sun goes down.

Worried about safety? There’s no need – Sure Thing Schoolies has a 100% Safety record for the 14 years it’s been running Schoolies events, and there is staff on site at the Schoolies accommodation at all times. We also let you know some of the precautions you can take to keep everyone safe and healthy.
We provide top-rated Schoolies Accommodation in all the popular destinations, so if your group is looking for an awesome Schoolies week celebration, make it the best experience of your life – make it a Sure Thing!

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