Schoolies Networking

Are you ready to meet other awesome high school graduates? Get pumped up as we will give you the best destinations for Schoolies Week!

Here at Sure thing we let our Dedicated Schoolies Networking Managers help you decide the most epic Schoolies Week travel plan. From accommodations to awesome events and activities we’ll have you covered.

We can say that students graduating this year and next year are very lucky as the options are wider and more exciting. We have amazing School Leaver Packages that you will surely love.

Best Choices
Whether you’re from New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Australian Capital Territory, Tasmania, Northern Territory, South Australia or Western Australia, we are sure there is something in here for you. We have the hottest Schoolies parties, resort, cruises, events are not the only people to enjoy this luxurious trip and surely you’ll be enjoying it with people in your age bracket. We also have tons of other exotic destinations like Fiji Schoolies, Vanuatu Schoolies, Bali Schoolies, and Thailand Schoolies.

While others prefer to hold their Schoolies Week far away from home, there are some who would prefer to explore and have the adventure in the beloved land. We have good quality accommodation and fun activities prepared for you. You can choose from the best spots in Australia like Byron Bay Schoolies, Terrigal Schoolies, the Famous Gold Coast and many more. Either way, we can set you up in advance to communicate with the other Schoolies attendees and develop a Schoolies network, whether you are travelling solo or in a group.

Safe and Sound
Aside from making sure you get the best week of your life, we also want to make sure that your trip and stay in your destination of choice is safe. All employees of Sure Thing Schoolies Are Fully Accredited and Qualified. And because of our wide network we make sure that your booking is safe and legitimate. All you have to worry about is to have fun! Check out the details and packages for your preferred destination or if you can’t decide, feel free to consult with our Schoolies Networking Managers.