New Zealand Schoolies Packages, Accommodation & Parties

We’ve all heard about Schoolies Week destinations in Australia as well as beautiful exotic places like Bali and Fiji, however, there are some really amazing Schoolies destinations in New Zealand. If you’re the type who seeks adventure, thrill-seeking and some adrenaline rush then let us list down some really cool places and activities for you in New Zealand.

Fun Activities
There are a lot of activities available for thrill-seekers and also for those who would like to know more about the history and culture of New Zealand. White water rafting is one of the well-known activities in the Tongariro River, you and your friends will surely never forget this experience. If you prefer activities in manmade parks you are in luck as New Zealand has Agroventures Adventure Park. You can experience the Agrojet which is NZ’s fastest jet sprint ride.

If you want to enjoy and at the same time learn new cultures, you can visit the Tamaki Maori village. The Tamaki Maori Village is a re-created indigenous village where you can enjoy Maori Hangi Cooking while listening to traditional Maori music and watching powerful dance performances. Queenstown is also an epicentre of activity and has a great vibe for Schoolies to enjoy.

Safety and Assistance
We prioritize your enjoyment and safety in your trips. Here at Sure Thing Schoolies we make sure that you are assisted by Fully Accredited and Qualified employees. We also have our dedicated Schoolies Managers to make sure that you have the best idea of what you’ll expect during your Schoolies trip vacation so you can prepare your essentials properly and make sure that you are physically and emotionally ready for your epic adventure. All you need to worry about how you could relive the moments of one of the greatest times of your life!