Schoolies Reservations: Book Your Trip

Schoolies travel is made easy when you book your schoolies trip with Sure Thing. Booking is easy and hassle-free. And we are open 24 HOURS and day, 7 DAYS a week… Now that’s commitment!

The first thing you do is to check out our variety of travel destination for schoolies. With so many exciting packages to choose from, from Gold Coast to Bali and Vanuatu, we’re sure there’s something to suit you.

Once you have a destination in mind, choose that destination on our product page, and click the Book Now link. Once you’re directed to the booking page, you will be asked for the specifics of your booking, such as your departure city and the type of package you will be availing.

All of our Schoolies packages may include a wide variety of things including your travel tickets to the destination of your choice, your shuttle service to and from the airport to your accommodation, your hotel, travel insurance, meals, and even entry into the official Schoolies parties and events.

The package is also highly customisable, as you may opt to include or exclude the meals included in the package, or include additional Schoolies add-ons of your choice. You may specify your sharing configuration, or how many persons you will be sharing your accommodation with.

Next, you will be asked the names of the persons included in the package, depending on how many people you specified will be on your sharing configuration. You will be asked to give your email address, company, and additional contact details.

The amount payable will vary depending on the product price and other configurations you made, but all you need for now to secure the spot for your group is 1 deposit (which is as low as $110)

Confirm your booking, and that’s it. Your Schoolies journey has started!