Schoolies Week 2023 & 2024

schoolies-weekThe tradition of schoolies continues and has grown significantly in the past five years. All over the Gold Coast, new accommodation has become available for students planning a final trip with friends to enjoy the celebration of their final school year having come to an end.

NSW & Vic students may get out of classes a few days before students in the surrounding areas, so they usually have a jump start on their schoolies week travel. The staggered end dates for the various schools does help with the transportation, accommodations and some of the activities, but since most schools overlap for at least one weekend, there tends to be a lot of heavy traffic in some of the more popular destinations and long lines at some of the best attractions. Planning ahead based on the desired resort location and purchasing tickets or booking excursions in advance usually helps alleviate some of the congestion. Each area of the country and South Pacific have unique attractions and beautiful beaches to enjoy, so there is no possible way to book a venue that students would not enjoy.

Gold Coast Schoolies

gold coast schoolies 2The Gold Coast is positively filled with beautiful white sand beaches, some of them private, but most available for the public. The many resorts and lodging stations have been a favourite of so many tourists and groups of leavers that most business even offer special discounts at the end of the academic calendar year.

Any schoolies plans for this area are bound to include surfing. Whether the pros are showing off their skills, or newbies are taking their first lessons, the world-class waves that crash into the coastline are sure to please even the professional surfers. The reason the nickname Surfers Paradise came about will be obvious when high tide comes in each day. Not all students participate in the competitive events, some come only to enjoy as spectators. Either way, the crowds mount in Surfers Paradise during schoolies.

Byron Bay Schoolies

byron-bay-schooliesAnother popular destination during the final week of student life is the Byron Bay area. Although not particularly known for the famous surfing, the softer waves are much more suitable for beginners to try out their new boards. There are plenty of other water activities to enjoy, such as sailing, canoeing, water skiing and of course, Schoolies parties and activities at the Sure Thing Schoolies accommodation.

The night time beach parties are also very famous here, especially during schoolies week. The coastline is lit up at night and can be seen from great distances. The festive appearance, music and dancing seem to charge the entire area with a burst of physical electricity. Students can relax and enjoy time well spent with friends, dancing until the wee hours of the morning. The days can be spent sightseeing on any of the nondescript islands, or simply sunbathing on the golden sand beaches. There is plenty of time for reflection and fun in the bay area. Hotels and resorts offer group accommodations at reasonable prices. Call us for more details and book today!

More Schoolies Destinations than ever!

The Schoolies of today have so many Schoolies choices, including 12 Official Schoolies locations in Australia and 4 awesome overseas locations: Vanuatu, Fiji, Bali and Thailand.

Want to find out more? (People sometimes wonder why Vanuatu is rated as the Number 1 Schoolies event from Schoolies feedback) We can tell you all about it and show you the awesome Schoolies packages available to you.