Spring Break

Making Your Spring Break One to Never Be Forgotten

spring breakSpring Break means a lot of things to different people, but for those who are in their 20’s (or close to it) it’s time for a much needed break and there is no better holiday than a fully planned awesome spring break trip to USA and Cancun. The great thing about this particular venue, is that students from so many different countries are on the same quest. This means that provided you pick one of the favourable and better known as spring break hot spots as your destination, you are bound to meet many exciting like-minded students and party-animals! Let’s face it, Australians like to go on Spring Break party trips whether they are students or not (most aren’t!) and the American Spring Breakers love us for it!

Now the big decision is where should you go? Should it be Cancun or Panama City Beach maybe? Although every year Spring Break is getting better, 2018 and 2019 should prove to be two of the best yet. Just the thought of getting away to a climate that means no extra heavy clothing, and lots of sun starts the pleasure of planning the trip.

spring break 6Money is always an issue at this age but what is so fantastic about spring break is that quality travel agent companies have worked their hearts out to produce some of the most amazing Spring Break 2018 packages and 2018 packages possible. This alone means that almost anyone can now afford this type of break adventure. Of course, if you want an awesome hotel, the best rooms and 1st class flights, it’s going to cost a little more, but it can all be arranged – Together with exclusive VIP club passes to the hottest spring break events, clubs and bars on each night… and a load of free drinks. Sure Thing Spring Break knows what you’re after 🙂

Just the travel alone to any one of the spring destinations can be a wonderful adventure in itself when you have qualified people who specialise in springbreakpackages make the arrangements for you. You will also want to get yourself well prepared in respect to accommodation if you are choosing a hot spot for spring break 2018 and spring break 2018.

spring break 7If you decide that Cancun is going to be the spring break locale for your holiday get yourself ready for some of the most out of this world music that you could possibly imagine. There is a whole lineup of music artists, the best DJ’s and lots of music mash-ups being planned. And we include the hottest tickets in your spring break package. The good news is that Sure Thing Spring Break has staff that have done these trips first hand, so there’s no guess work involved, just an awesome trip. If you would like access to one of these staff, contact enquiries@surething.com.au and you can team up with them to arrange your trip. There are no booking fees, just an awesome service.

If you are leaning towards Panama City Beach then don’t rule out the possibility of running into a few celebrities while there, and you won’t find any down time when it comes to entertainment either. You can expect a nighty party to be in full swing at any one of the numerous pubs and bars that know how to put on their best for those that are expecting to make the most from the upcoming spring break.

Don’t forget to sneak in some relaxation while here and make full use of the beach. Of course if its shopping that is to your liking you will have plenty of opportunity for that as well.

The Spring Break packages are all from Australia and include your flights, accommodation, transfers, insurance, and VIP Spring Break event entry… and loads of free drinks (*our packages often get sold out – ask us what’s available at the time of booking). Start planning your spring break early and take a real close look at all the spring break packages that are available to you. These alone can be a really big help in making your final decision.

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