Aquana Beach Resort

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Schoolies in Vanuatu by Sure Thing Schoolies Travel has been getting absolutely amazing feedback scores year after year.

Aquana Beach Resort is the OFFICIAL Schoolies hotel of Vanuatu

Not only is it a safe destination (with friendly locals, clean water, no crime), it is also home to one of the best schoolies events in schoolies history.

All packages come with the official schoolies wristband for access into the Sure Thing Schoolies parties and events every night, there’s also so much to do during the day and you are free to explore Vanuatu including the many amazing beaches, all the shops, landmarks, 8 bars and clubs, water sports, adventure sports… Or just relax on the beach by the tropical water all day.

To book this destination please email us at or fill this form below or call us any time (open 24 hours) on 1300 49 59 69

Schoolies Packages are at Official Schoolies Vanuatu Resort and can be access with the official schoolies wristband which you get by selecting one of the 5 schoolies packages available below for schoolies 2024 or 2025:

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