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Amsterdam Travel

When you get to Amsterdam you won’t want to leave… You’ll settle in and start thinking “This is the way life should be!”

The fun youthful vibe of the city makes your experience friendly and fun. The laid-back approach towards the rules gives you a little more freedom to explore the side of life that you usually don’t get to openly enjoy. To have the best possible time in Amsterdam you need to go on the right dates, stay at the right hotel and go to the good venues… We can definitely help with that.

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Coachella Travel

Coachella is an awesome experience, the whole trip is an adventure in itself. You depart Australia and land in a whole new world – A Desert Festival! There are no noise restrictions here, just an amazing vibe and loads of friendly people around you to share in the music and art festivities in America’s Colorado Desert. Coachella often draws celebrities as attendees and you can freely mingle with them. This is definitely something you need to experience at least once, now may just be the time.

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Party Cruises

Everyone loves a great holiday, and it’s even better when it’s on a party cruise. They say that when you cruise once, you go at least 5 more times… Get prepared to fall in love with cruising! Whilst there are cruises that depart daily out of Australia, if you’re a young adult who wants a good crowd and a party vibe then you have to ensure you’re on the right cruise ship on the right dates. There are certain cruises that attract the fun crowd… and that’s where you want to be! Cruising is truly a complete holiday experience, all your meals, accommodation, travel and entertainment are sorted, now all you have to do is enjoy the experience.

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Full Moon Party Travel

Full Moon Parties are some of the most amazing and extraordinary parties on Earth

When you combine warm weather, a tropical island, a beach and a party crowd – you start to see why this party sits above the rest.

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Greek Islands Travel

It’s a good time to go to Greece, the currency is great and there are some good deals. Furthermore, you can get a better trip (and longer trip) out of the same budget. But when you’re in Greece, the last thing you’re thinking about is what you’re saving, you’ll be too caught up in the awesome European vibe and unique beach parties

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Jersey Shore Travel

Jersey Shore is in North-Eastern USA and is the home of popular MTV Show Jersey Shore

Seaside Heights is the centre of action and comes arrive between May and August every year.

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Las Vegas Travel

Why is it that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas? It’s because that’s where you let loose and do things that you’ve always wanted to do : ) It’s the Ultimate party city every night of the year. Vegas can either be Good or Awesome depending on how well it’s organised. From daytime Vegas Beach Parties to the incredible nightlife, there’s always one club or bar that’s the best place to be. If you go to Vegas, do it right! We’ve got you covered.

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A night as a VIP High Roller… That’s how your night starts off when you rock up in a stretch limo! People look in anticipation to see who’s stepping out. The limousine ride is a great time to socialise, have a few drinks and enjoy the journey for your big day or night. There are limousines of all sizes and to cater for all budgets, that’s all up to you : )

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Party DJs

The life of the Party is the DJ, it’s what makes an average party great, and makes a great party awesome! The DJ can really set the vibe for the night, so time the time to get a DJ who is experienced and really wants to help you make your night memorable for everyone invited. All types of music are catered for, and all equipment is available upon request.

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Snow Travel

The snow will always be a favourite destination for young adults who want some time away for drinks and celebration… and some skiing! There are some great packages available, whilst the snow is falling there’s always a great vibe if you pick the right place to stay on the right dates. All inclusive packages include your meals and gear hire as well as your accommodation. These can also be customised to ensure you get everything you need out of your trip.

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Sports Travel

Feel the adrenalin rush as you view the live action right before your eyes. If you’re a sports fanatic, you know exactly what this feels like. For a sports fan, some of their happiest and most memorable moments come from those amazing moments in sport. If you want a sports trip to remember then consider giving yourself access to the Ultimate Experience by getting a corporate package which includes your entry tickets, pre-match functions, merchandise, meet’n’greet, accommodation, flights, and a whole lot more. The Ultimate Experience awaits…

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Spring Break Travel

Spring Break is the biggest annual travel party event on the Planet

When you have beautiful hot beach locations, loud music, celebrities, and thousands of people in party mode, you can start to see why Spring Break would be given such a label.

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Tomorrowland Travel

This is a music festival at its best. Tomorrowland is the Ultimate party in its genre, combining the world’s best DJs with an awesome setup and vibe. Party-goes flock from around the world to celebrate like there’s no tomorrow at Tomorrowland. It’s not just about the festival through, especially if you’re an Australian. Your trip will include your flights along with many other stops in Europe, most commonly London and Amsterdam, and sometimes the Greek Islands too! All that is customisable, just let us know what you’re after and we will give you the best package possible.

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Vanuatu Travel

Vanuatu is a great destination just off the coast of Australia. It’s fun and it’s safe! This is part of the reason Vanuatu has been labelled as the “Happiest Place on Earth”. There’s lots to see in Port Vila with loads of duty free shopping, great cafes/restaurants, many modern bars and clubs, and lots of natural tourist sites to visit each day. If you’re after great beaches then fly to Santo (in the north).

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