12 Things You Should Not Do at Schoolies


Schoolies Week is the ultimate celebration for finishing school. It’s an unforgettable week of sunshine, parties and enjoyment with your friends. Looking after yourself and your mates will ensure you have the best week possible.

Sure Thing Schoolies has been running Official Schoolies events for over 14 years with a perfect safety record and top-level accreditation. Sure Thing Schoolies is passionate about safety and ensuring that everyone attending Schoolies has the best week possible. So here are a few things you should not do at Schoolies.

1. Drink and drive
If you plan on drinking, leave your car behind. We can hook you up with public transport, taxis or Uber to get you and your mates home safely.

2. Leave your mates behind
Schoolies Week is about celebrating with your mates, so even if you meet a pretty girl (or boy), don’t ditch your friends. Keep in touch and always message each other when you’re home safely.

3. Drugs
You don’t know what’s in them and neither does the person selling them. Keep you and your friends safe by staying away from drugs.

4. Trash your accommodation
Remember the bond you and your friends paid? That’s to protect yourselves and your school leavers resort. Leave your Schoolies accommodation as you found it and you’ll receive your bond back (it’ll be like an early Christmas present).

5. Engage in violence
A week of partying and little sleep can make people grumpy. If you feel yourself or your mates becoming frustrated with a situation, simply walk away. Heading home with a purple eye isn’t the memory you want.

6. Post inappropriate things online
It might be tempting to post a naked #selfie of your mates on Instagram at 3am however it’s not as funny the next day.

7. Get kicked out
You’ve saved up and paid money for this awesome Schoolies Week, so don’t do something stupid to get kicked out.

8. Leave your drink unattended
Ensure you keep an eye on your drink at all times. Drink spiking at Schoolies is very rare but you don’t want to risk it.

9. Swim under the influence
With amazing beachside locations like Byron Bay Schoolies, it can be hard to resist. Save your Baywatch impersonations for when you’re sober and know what you’re doing.

10. Disrespect the police
The Police are there to protect you, so respect them. They’re friendly and helpful, so say hello or ask for a selfie.

11. Ignore your house rules
Your Schoolies House Rules are in place to ensure everyone has an amazing time while respecting their accommodation and other guests.

12. Party too hard, too early
Don’t peak too early 😉 The first night shouldn’t necessarily be the biggest. Pace yourself, you’ve got a week of sun, surf and parties ahead of you. If you need a night off, don’t hesitate to chill at your Schoolies resort.