5 Things to do at Victor Harbor Schoolies

Voted the best place to celebrate Schoolies in South Australia, Victor Harbor is where everyone heads for a 3-day schoolies festival after grade 12. There are so many things to go at Victor Harbor Schoolies so make sure you and your mates are in on the fun by booking in your accommodation in Victor Harbor. Here are a few [....]

Everything you need to know about Leavers in Dunsborough

Dunsborough Leavers has become the biggest end of school parties in recent years. Many WA students flock ‘down south’ for a 5-day celebration with friends. Leavers in Dunsborough rivals the parties on the East Coast of Australia on the Gold Coast, and the WA Police run festivities that are recognised as one of the best in [...]

Best Rated Schoolies Hotels: Gold Coast, Byron Bay and more

Finishing high school is a very exciting thought and the after-party at Schoolies week in 2020 or 2021 no doubt is a massive incentive to get the last year of school done. The only daunting part (aside from all the exams and assignments) is finding the best rated schoolies accommodation. [...]

5 things to do at Thailand Schoolies

Thailand has always been a popular party destination for backpackers and youth travellers. The destination is by no means “boring” as there are plenty of things to do in Thailand and on the beautiful island of Koh Samui. The party appeal has lead to more Australian students wanting to take their Schoolies experience int [...]

Best Rated Leavers Hotels: Western Australia

Celebrating Leavers in Dunsborough and Busselton is the best way to say goodbye to high school! A few days by the beach with friends to wash away the stressful year of exams and assignments.
Knowing the best places to stay and the best leavers accommodation available can be like researching an assignment #stressful. Sure [...]

Best Rated Schoolies Hotels: Overseas

More and more students are heading overseas for their Schoolies Week celebrations, soaking up the awesome island life atmosphere, relaxing in pure style and experiencing awesome beach party scenes that rival those back home. Based on previous schoolies we have rated the best Schoolies hotels overseas to give you the down- [...]

5 things to do at Phillip Island Schoolies

Phillip Island is one of the most popular destinations to visit in Victoria. Just outside the hustle and bustle of Melbourne, the island provides an array of activities centred around the outdoors and nature. Students like heading to Phillip Island for their end-of-school celebrations as there’s so much to see and do. Her [...]

Sun and surf safety tips for Schoolies

Schoolies week is the perfect time to enjoy the sun and surf after finishing a mammoth 14 years of high school. Most school leavers events happen around coastal towns in Australia or overseas on exotic islands. It’s therefore important to maintain good surf safety at schoolies events to ensure both you and your friends ha [...]

Best Rated Schoolies Hotels in South Australia

Many students that live in South Australia like to enjoy the Schoolies festival in their home state and they make their way to Victor Harbor, only an hour drive from Adelaide, for the best party scene and relaxed seaside atmosphere. Sure Thing Schoolies has had 13 years of experience running Schoolies events and we’ve ha [...]

5 things to do at Gold Coast Schoolies

Gold Coast is one of the biggest destinations in Australia with many international and national travellers flocking there each year to soak up the sun and awesome atmosphere. It’s also where Schoolies Week all began and continues to be the biggest party week for school leavers. runs over three weeks at the end of November [...]

5 things to do at Dunsborough Leavers

The biggest leavers party in Western Australia happens in Dunsborough. Each year thousands of school leavers flock to the beach town for 5 days of massive parties, chilled activities on the beach and a place to relax after graduating from high school. If you haven’t already booked your accommodation with your mates in D [...]

Top Byron Bay Schoolies Accommodation

Byron Bay Schoolies is known for its chilled atmosphere, seaside vibes and unforgettable rooftop parties. There are tonnes of accommodation options to choose from in this backpacker town and we’ve got the top picks to ensure you have the best time at Schoolies. Byron Bay Beach Hostel is rated as the #1 Byron Bay Schooli [...]

12 Things You Should Not Do at Schoolies

Schoolies Week is the ultimate celebration for finishing school. It’s an unforgettable week of sunshine, parties and enjoyment with your friends. Looking after yourself and your mates will ensure you have the best week possible. Sure Thing Schoolies has been running Official Schoolies events for over 14 years with a perfe [...]

6 Must-Do Water Activities at Schoolies

Schoolies Week is the perfect opportunity to try something new! Fiji and Vanuatu are an adventure-lovers dream, boasting warm weather year round and untouched beaches that make these tropical destinations the ultimate place to try water activities. Closer to home, Dunsborough leavers can experience Western Australia’s amaz[...]

Top 5 Fiji Schoolies Destinations

Fiji is one of our top international Schoolies destinations. Renowned for its amazing beaches, unbeatable surf and chilled vibes, it is the ultimate place to spend your Schoolies Week. Sure Thing Schoolies Freedom in Fiji packages allows your to explore the island with ease. There are no curfews at the exclusive Schoolies [...]

How to Stay Healthy at Schoolies

Schoolies Week is about celebrating with good mates, but that doesn’t mean you should throw your health out the window. These simple tips will help you stay healthy (#shredded) for Schoolies! 1. Try to remember to eat something green! A week away from home means you can eat whatever you want… pizza for breakfast anyone? B [...]

How to Plan Your Schoolies Week

Schoolies Week is the ultimate week of celebration for School Leavers. Planning the perfect Schoolies Week doesn’t have to be a stressful time. With the help of the following timeline, you and your mates can plan your dream Schoolies Week, find the best Schoolies deals and save money! 21 months away from Schoolies and you [...]

Should You Consider Travel Insurance for Your Schoolies Holiday?

You’ve booked your Schoolies package and organised your group, but what’s missing? Travel insurance. Sure Thing Schoolies recommends all School Leavers purchase travel insurance, whether your destination is Victor Harbor or Vanuatu. Sure Thing Schoolies uses Covermore as its Travel Insurance provider. Covermore is one of [...]

How to Save Money at Schoolies Week

Schoolies Week should be the #bestweekofyourlife, not the most expensive. It’s easy for costs to add up, between accommodation, transport, food, drinks and a killer party outfit. But it doesn’t have to be pricey, with a bit of planning and a rough budget, you can have a wicked time without spending all your savings! These [...]

Packing for Schoolies: 10 Must-Haves to Bring

Your accommodation is booked, you’ve finished exams and it’s finally time for the best week of your life: Schoolies! But now the hard part… what are you supposed to pack? Don’t worry, we’ve put together an easy checklist for you and your mates to go through, so you don’t forget anything. Packing for Schoolies: 10 Must-Hav [...]