Sun and surf safety tips for Schoolies


Schoolies week is the perfect time to enjoy the sun and surf after finishing a mammoth 14 years of high school. Most school leavers events happen around coastal towns in Australia or overseas on exotic islands. It’s therefore important to maintain good surf safety at schoolies events to ensure both you and your friends have the best week of your life.

Enjoying the surf and sunshine is one of the best parts of Schoolies Week. So here’s our helpful tips:

1. Don’t drink and swim

It’s a no brainer – alcohol, and swimming is not a good mix. The surf in Australia is unpredictable, so having a few drinks under your belt and taking a paddle should be avoided at all times of the day.

Sun-and-surf-safety-tips-for-SchooliesImage by Tourism and Events Queensland

2. Swim between the flags

There’s a reason why the flags are there – it’s a safe place to swim, there are usual lifeguards on duty and it’s free of rips. Always swim between the flags and keep an eye on your mates while they are in the surf.

3. Slip, slop, slap

You probably didn’t think you’d be hearing this phrase after school finished, well think again! Don’t ruin your schoolies week by getting a killer sunburn on day one, it won’t look pretty in your evening attire. Make sure you remember sunscreen, protective clothing, and your Sure Thing Schoolies cap!


4. Stay hydrated

Like the sunburn, you don’t want to wind up with heatstroke at Schoolies. A day in the sunshine and surf can be seriously dehydrate you. Remember to drink plenty of water, especially if you’re feeling run down from last night.


Our top beachside Schoolies destinations include Dunsborough, Gold Coast, Fiji, Bali, and Byron Bay. Check out our awesome packages today, and have a great time at Schoolies.

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