Packing for Schoolies: 10 Must-Haves to Bring

Your accommodation is booked, you’ve finished exams and it’s finally time for the best week of your life: Schoolies! But now the hard part… what are you supposed to pack? Don’t worry, we’ve put together an easy checklist for you and your mates to go through, so you don’t forget anything. Packing for Schoolies: 10 Must-Haves to Bring:

The BIG 3

passport-money-phone1. ID/Passport
Your ID or Passport is your most treasured possession during Schoolies Week. If you’re over 18, you’ll need your ID to get into bars and clubs.For international Schoolies destination, you’ll need a Passport with at least 6 months validity on it after your return date. Make a photocopy of your ID and passport, just in case something happens to it.

2. Phone
Keep track of your mates, check the party details on the Sure Thing Schoolies Facebook event, text your crush or your mum, post your Instagram pics. All VERY important.
Invest in a good quality case. You’ll thank yourself at 2am when you’re picking your phone up off the ground for the fourth time that night.

3. Money
Make sure you always have cash and your debit/credit card with you. Whether it’s buying late night snacks or emergency band aids from 7/11, you’ll need some form of payment! It’s a good idea to carry some small notes as well as your bank card so you can withdraw more, if you need.
For international Schoolies destinations, cash is the most popular method of payment. Exchange your Australian dollars into the local currency when you first arrive, then withdraw small amounts of money as you go.

The Essentials

packing4. Phone charger

5. Socks and undies
Nobody likes the guy who has been wearing the same pair of socks and jocks for the whole of Schoolies Week. What would your mum say if she knew you were turning your undies inside out to get another day out of them? Bring a pair of undies for each day you’re away, plus an extra pair (in case of “emergencies”).

6. Sunscreen
Don’t be that one person who forgets sunscreen and spends the week asking mates (and randoms) to use theirs. Chuck a couple of tubes of Banana Boat in your bag, and you’ll be prepared for the week of sun, surf and sand!

7. Toiletries
Toothbrush, toothpaste, wet wipes, band aids, Panadol, protection (you know what we mean… aeroguard of course)

8. Snacks
Snacks are a vital part of Schoolies Week. Nothing tastes better than Oreos at 3am.

9. Comfy shoes
Don’t wear your new white Boosts, they’ll get wrecked. A week of dancing calls for the comfy classics.

10. Your “Schoolies Kit”
Schoolies Week is the perfect time to let your inner fashionista out. Go crazy with it. And never underestimate the need for Schoolies merchandise – it’s the only time you’ll ever get to wear it! Grab your Schoolies singlet, headband, Schoolies cap – order all these in advance! Don’t forget to bring a jacket either, the nights can get chilly!

When you’re packing for Schoolies you can’t go wrong if you remember these 10 Must-Haves to Bring! If you need help with anything related to Schoolies related, let us know, we’re open 24 hours 7 days to help School leavers all around Australia!