Should You Consider Travel Insurance for Your Schoolies Holiday?

covermore-logoYou’ve booked your Schoolies package and organised your group, but what’s missing? Travel insurance.

Sure Thing Schoolies recommends all School Leavers purchase travel insurance, whether your destination is Victor Harbor or Vanuatu.


Sure Thing Schoolies uses Covermore as its Travel Insurance provider. Covermore is one of Australia’s largest and most respected travel insurance companies.


You are covered by Covermore’s Comprehensive Travel Insurance policy. Covers Overseas Medical and Dental, Cancellation Costs, Luggage and Travel Documents (like your beloved iPhone and selfie-stick).


We recommend adding Travel Insurance to your booking. The end of the year is a stressful time, between final essays, exams and the formal. Booking your travel insurance now is one less thing to think about then! You can email with your Booking ID and request to add travel insurance to your booking.


Travel Insurance for International Schoolies destinations – Fiji, Vanuatu, Bali, Thailand – is mandatory. Travel Insurance is included in the Ultimate Schoolies Packages or can be added on to your Schoolies Package for $76 per person. Travel Insurance for Domestic Schoolies destinations is highly recommended. You can add travel insurance to your domestic trip from $26 per person.


travel-insuranceThe important bit… Travel insurance is there to cover you and your mates if something goes wrong. Schoolies should be the #bestweekofyourlife so we don’t want anything to ruin that! Good quality travel insurance means you can access the best hospitals in a foreign country, receive help from the local Police and have peace of mind if something is stolen or damaged.

Schoolies Travel Insurance: Should you Your Consider Travel Insurance for Your Schoolies Holiday?If you or your parents have any questions about Covermore Travel Insurance for Schoolies, chat to the experts at Sure Thing Schoolies today by calling 1300 49 59 69, emailing or head to