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Gold Coast Schoolies Packages, Accommodation & Parties

gold coast schooliesGold Coast Schoolies is an unforgettable week for many. Schoolies gather in Byron Bay, the idealistic beaches of Surfers Paradise, and Gold Coast for a week of tension releasing, non-stop celebration, and their escape from school.

Gold Coast Schoolies

About 50,000 teens swarm Gold Coast at the end of their school year to party. They flock to the white sands, foaming surf, and pulsating nightclubs. Gold Coast Schoolies is an ideal location and way to spend an unforgettable week with your mates.

There are options in accommodations and budgets, and getting details about the hotel you want is easy online. Many Schoolies share apartments, or share hotel rooms for a week of little sleep; except on the beach during the day.

Byron Bay is less appealing to the younger than 18-crowd as there are little events scheduled for the younger set. Meanwhile, the over-18 crowd typically head into one of the many pubs for toasts and drinking games late into the night.

Surfers Paradise is beautiful all year round. It’s no secret why Schoolies gravitate to the beaches; to see the sunrise after an evening of partying with their best mates. There’s a lot to do in Surfers Paradise, and accommodation is easy to arrange. It’s a hard choice for the first-time Schoolie, deciding between where to go, how much to spend, and how to get there. There are many solutions to be found online.

Surfers Paradise and Byron Bay Schoolies

gold coast schoolies 2Gold Coast Schoolies are filled with things to do in the Gold Coast area. There are fantastic restaurants, pubs,clubs, beaches, and sweet accommodations that you could carry the late nights into with your mates. Byron Bay and Surfers Paradise are also sweet Schoolie destinations to escape the rigors of school, shed the rote lessons, and get away for a week of fun.

It’s important to look out for your mates during Schoolies. Things can get crazy, and people can have too much. Make arrangements to get around town safely. Use the buddy system, and keep a lookout for mates that have wandered off in the night. Remember respect:have it for yourself, have it for your friends, and have it for the locals of Gold Coast. They are your happy hosts, and want you to have a killer time. Just keep your head about you. You can party hard, just do it with respect.

Schoolies in the Gold Coast is meant to be an unforgettable time for a good reason. School’s out and a year of study is behind you. Summer’s on, and you’ve got mates you’ll remember for life. Keep an eye out on them as they and you go crazy during Schoolies Week.

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