Busselton – Aqua Resort – 2018


The Leavers Accommodation must be booked through Sure Thing Schoolies

Official Leavers Resort
Name: Aqua Resort
Address: Tuart Forest, 19 Rushleigh Rd, Reinscourt WA 6280, Australia

Sold Out



18 Nov – 23 Nov 2018



  • 5 Nights Accommodation at this exclusive 5-STAR Leavers Resort
  • Leavers Wristband for access into Leavers resort area
  • 2 Social BBQs on Sunday and Wednesday evenings
  • 4 Late Night Hot Suppers after Leavers Zone (Mon, Tue, Wed, Thur)
  • Free Sure Thing Schoolies Beer Pong Set with Red Cups (One set for each group)
  • Free Sure Thing Schoolies Shot Glass
  • Free Sure Thing Schoolies Cap
  • Free Sure Thing Schoolies Lanyard
  • Free Transport to and from the Zone
  • Free Welcome Bag with products from Sure Thing Schoolies Sponsors
  • Exclusive Entry to the Epic All Ages Pre-Leavers Party Boat Cruises with a $20 Discount


Q) What is the Bond Reduction option on the itinerary that I can see?

A) As cash is tight for many Leavers, Sure Thing Schoolies provides a service where you can to reduce your bond to $100, which is very helpful as many Leavers bonds are $300 per person. The following are examples depending on the bond required from the accommodation partner.

$300 required bond reduces to a $100 bond payable (Service fee $40 deducted from bond after Leavers)

$250 required bond reduces to a $100 bond payable (Service fee $30 deducted from bond after Leavers)

$200 required bond reduces to a $100 bond payable (Service fee $20 deducted from bond after Leavers)

Q) What are these Exclusive Epic All Ages Pre-Leavers Party Boat Cruises I have been hearing about?

A) Check them out, they are awesome and Unless you experience an Exclusive Sure Thing Schoolies ALL Ages Pre-Leavers Boat Party you haven’t experienced the best Leavers has to offer! There are 2 x Boat Party Cruises Scheduled on (Saturday the 17th November @ 3.30pm to 6:30pm) and (Saturday the 17th of November @ 7:00pm to 10:00pm) from Barrack Street Jetty Perth. Discounts apply for an individual doing multiple cruises and if you book when you secure your accommodation, you get a $20 discount!

1 x 3 Hour Boat Party (Valued at $119): Sure Thing Leavers Price $59

2 x 3 Hour Boat Parties (Valued at $238): Sure Thing Leavers Price $109

Q) What are the dates for Leavers?

A) Leavers 2018 (18 Nov – 23 Nov 2018) and Leavers 2019 (17 Nov – 22 Nov 2019)

Q) What time do buses travel to the parties in the zone?

A) The buses generally run on the bus route provided on the map in this email every 30 minutes by day and every 10 minutes at night.

Q) What is The Aqua Resort like?

A) The Aqua Resort is the ultimate place to celebrate Leavers in style at a great price. The Aqua Resort is a 5-star Leavers Resort on the beach and is the finest luxury accommodation in the entire region. Besides the spectacular accommodation, there is a 25 metre heated infinity swimming pool, a heated spa with beach front views, a gym with ocean views, a steam room and a tennis court. You can easily go for a walk on the white sandy beach, go swimming in the pristine water or take a ride or a stroll along the pathway that heads to the Busselton Jetty and there is WiFi! At The Aqua Resort you are set to celebrate Leavers in style at a very reasonable price.

Q) What food places are close to Aqua Resort?

A) Close by there is a Grocery Store, a Fish and Chip Shop, a Deli, a Vietnamese Restaurant, a first-class Bar and Beer Garden and a chemist. Plus onsite you get 2 daily BBQs and 4 nightly dinners after the zone and for this you pay $150 cash on arrival. There is no way you will be hungry after you go to the parties in the zone each night. Nevertheless, walking distance from the Aqua Resort there is a Grocery Store, a Fish and Chip Shop, a Deli, a Vietnamese Restaurant, a first class Bar and Beer Garden and a chemist

Q) What activities are included in the itinerary you have provided?

A) As there are so many activities and parties in the zone. We don’t have set activities at Aqua Resort. However, there are almost 400 Leavers staying at Aqua Resort and you will become acquainted with one another so it will be impossible to get bored with so many new friends. In addition to the accommodation fees, there is a $150 levy payable on arrival that covers extensive onsite security, property security wristbands, 2 daily BBQs and 4 nightly meals. So every day you get to feast out just after you go and party hard in the zone!

Q) How far is the beach from The Aqua Resort?

A) The Aqua Resort is right on the beach and many Leavers frequently visit the beach for a swim or just to hang out.

Q) What things are there to do near The Aqua Resort?

A) Walking distance from The Aqua Resort there is an awesome bar called Stilts Bar and Grill. Stilts Bar and Grill Restaurant website is www.stilts.com.au. Every day between 12 pm and 1 pm and 5 pm and 6 pm they have happy hour at 50% off! Stilts Bar and Grill has a spectacular Beer Garden.

Q) Is it safe to get from The Aqua Resort to the zone?

A) Yes it is. We have onsite security and the buses running to the zone stop just a short walk from Aqua Resort.

Q) What activities are there at The Aqua Resort?

A) There are 2 social BBQs and 4 nightly dinners. The first one BBQ is on the Sunday evening and it’s a nice way to get acquainted with everyone and make new friends. The second one is on the Wednesday evening. The 4 nightly dinners are after your return from the zone. There are hundreds of Leavers staying at The Aqua Resort so there will be heaps of Leavers to hang out with.

Q) Are tickets to parties in the zone included in the itinerary you have provided?

A) No they are not. Tickets to the zone are to be purchased separately. The tickets can be purchased at South West Coach Line, 39 Albert St, Busselton by calling 08 9753 7700.

Q) How much does it cost to buy tickets to the parties in the zone?

A) The usual cost is $110 per person. The final price is determined upon the ticket release on a given year. This cost includes the transport to and from The Aqua Resort.

Q) Do you sell tickets to the parties in the zone?

A) No we don’t. Tickets to the zone are to be purchased separately. The tickets can be purchased at South West Coach Line, 39 Albert St, Busselton by calling 08 9753 7700.

Q) How many people go to the Busselton area for Leavers?

A) Thousands, and growing. New bookings are made daily.

Q) What events or activities the Leavers can expect if they are under 18?

A) The Official Leavers activities will be held in the area as usual. There is also great Leavers vibe at the Leavers accommodation that can be enjoyed every evening for all Leavers regardless of age. Staying at the Leavers accommodation is a huge advantage for those who are under 18 as it gives them an extra venue to enjoy and celebrate their Leavers trip. The location is also perfect for them, right on the beach. This is part of the reason this resort is so awesome.

Q) As for room configuration (who goes in which room with each other)?

A) The group will get their room allocation, however we don’t select the guest’s configurations within their own group, they can decide amongst themselves on arrival.

Q) Do the Leavers bookings include transport/transfers from home?

A) No, these are booked separately by Leavers. However, upon purchasing the Leavers party/event ticket, this will include transport.

Q) What’s the food like in Dunsborough?

A) Enjoy the amazing food available in Dunsborough. The food includes all the normal stuff you would expect such as Pizza, Chicken, Steak, Pasta, Fish and Chips, Wedges, Seafood, Burgers, Fresh Fruit. There are also supermarkets, cafes and restaurants close by. There is a full kitchen at the Leavers accommodation if you feel like preparing your own food.

Q) Is Busselton suitable for people with dietary requirements such as vegan or vegetarian?

A) Yes. There are so many food outlets available that you are very likely to find multiple options for your dietary requirements.

Q) What Time Zone is Busselton in?

A) Being in WA, Busselton is in the UTC +8 AWST time zone (same as Perth)

Q) What is ATAS accreditation?

A) This is the highest level of accreditation available to Australian Travel Agents and Tour Operators. Only the best of the best have this qualification. Sure Thing Schoolies is honoured to have ATAS accreditation. Sure Thing is the only Leavers Company that is ATAS accredited – ensuring you reliability, credibility, professionalism and an absolutely awesome Schoolies week.

Q) Are there ATM machines close by?

A) Yes, there are ATMs available within walking distance.

Q) What is the check in and checkout time at the accommodation?

A) Check in starts from 2 pm onwards. If you get there before 2 pm you may be able to leave your bags at reception whilst you explore the area. There may be many people checking in at once, so keep in mind that you may not be able to check in at exactly 2 pm. The whole group should check in together all at once. As for Checkout, you must vacate your room completely by no later than 10 am on the day of departure.

Q) We’ve heard that Leavers at The Aqua Resort is awesome, is it?

A) Yes, The Aqua Resort is rated as the Number 1 Leavers accommodation. This is mainly due to the perfect location (right on the beach) as well as the Leavers vibe and exclusivity. Plus it’s the most spectacular Leavers accommodation in the entire region at a great price.

Q) How soon should we book?

A) Just like the hottest concert tickets… The Leavers accommodation gets snapped up nice and early, the earlier you book, the better it is for you. To get things rolling, contact schoolies@surething.com.au and let them know how many people are in your group. From there, they will send you an itinerary of the best available rooms and will give you details on how you can make them yours!


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