Popular Schoolies Destinations 2022 & 2023

Popular Schoolies Destinations

Sure Thing Schoolies Travel offers Schoolies packages to all the Popular Schoolies Destinations. Here’s a summary of the Top 10 to help you choose the perfect destination for you.

Schoolies Destinations

Vanuatu Schoolies

Vanuatu is currently rated the #1 Schoolies destination*, which is hardly surprising when you consider it has beautiful tropical islands, sensational beaches, great food, warm weather and extremely friendly locals all in one place! At Vanuatu Schoolies you are free to relax and soak up the sun during the day, and then take part in the awesome Schoolies atmosphere at night. Sure Thing Schoolies runs the main Schoolies event in Vanuatu—and has done so for eight consecutive years.

Schoolies Destinations

Byron Bay Schoolies

Another of the most popular destinations is Byron Bay. It’s a venue with all the benefits—it’s easy to get to, it has fabulous natural attractions, it has one of the best beaches around, and it’s a safe environment with a great party atmosphere for Schoolies. It also has heaps of activities, including water sports, fun sightseeing and lots of daytrips. Many of the activities are free of charge, or can be accessed with the official Schoolies wristband which you get at official Byron Bay Schoolies accommodation.

Fiji Schoolies

Fiji is known for its fun, beach-party atmosphere. During the day you can relax and soak up the sun, explore the beaches, take day tours, enjoy the water activities and experience the culture on the mainland, and at night you can let your hair down and enjoy all the Schoolies’ celebrations. The Awesome Fiji Schoolies event at Mango Bay Resort is fast becoming a hot spot for Schoolies from all over Australia.

Terrigal Schoolies

For those in and around Sydney who are looking for the ideal local Schoolies destination, Terrigal is fast becoming a big hit, with its stunning location along one of the best beaches in New South Wales. Schoolies at Terrigal has quickly gained a lot of popularity due to its brilliant Schoolies accommodation and fun-filled parties and events. Terrigal also has a lively surf culture, and offers an assortment of holiday activities, which has added to its appeal as a Schoolies destination.

Magnetic Island Schoolies

Magnetic Island is a relaxed, tropical island off the coast of Queensland, and has everything, including privacy. It’s a short ferry ride from Townsville, and the beaches, activities, wildlife, shopping and cafes are fabulous. In fact it’s the ideal spot for a Schoolies week of parties, fun, sun and relaxation.

Phillip Island Schoolies

There is fast becoming a new leading destination for Schoolies in Victoria—Phillip Island—with its very own official Schoolies resort and Schoolies parties. The Schoolies week venue is a relaxed, two-hour drive from Melbourne and the natural surrounds are superb. Definitely worth considering!

Lorne Schoolies

Lorne is a delightful, coastal, beach resort town filled with Mediterranean charm, and is a beautiful destination for your end-of-year break because of its close proximity to the beach and the bush. The southern coasts of Victoria are well-known for their epic beaches and fantastic weather, so it’s a brilliant location to get in some surfing or hiking, enjoy the fresh air, and unwind from the school year.

Gold Coast Schoolies

Sitting right on the beautiful east coast of Queensland, the Gold Coast is one of the most popular Schoolies destinations, with thousands of Schoolies booking accommodation there every year. Booking into Official Schoolies Accommodation is a brilliant choice for all Schoolies who want to enjoy, relax, have fun and be part of all the Schoolies parties and activities.

Thailand Schoolies

What’s so great about Schoolies in Thailand? The climate is great, the accommodation and eateries are awesome, the beaches are superb, the shopping is cheap and there are some magnificent cultural experiences to be had there. What more could you want?

Bali Schoolies

Bali Schoolies is one of the hottest overseas Schoolies destinations, due to its fantastic water activities, beach parties, restaurants, bars, nightlife and bargain shopping. Bali also has a rich culture to explore. If your group is looking to get far away for Schoolies to relax, have fun with friends, party hard and celebrate the end of high school, Bali has it all.

There are loads of other fabulous Schoolies destinations to choose from as well, so why not let Sure Thing Schoolies Travel help you plan a celebration you’ll always remember?

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* Voted by those attending the Sure Thing Travel Schoolies event