Top 10 Schoolies Destinations


Schoolies Week is one of the best weeks of your life and a great way to celebrate the end of your high school years. There are so many places to celebrate Schoolies and Leavers Week in 2022 and 2023 both in Australia and international destinations.
Based on previous schoolies and leavers, these are the best rated Schoolies destinations in Australia and overseas.

Looking for a great trip to celebrate graduation? Join us at on of our top 10 Schoolies destinations. Let’s take a look at the top 10 Schoolies Destinations for you:

  1. Vanuatu is ranked number for Schoolies destinations with good reason. It is safe, tropical, sunny, and there are plenty of events for everyone.
  2. Byron Bay is known for its sun and surf, is safe and local. So you will spend less time traveling and more time enjoying your Schoolies week.
  3. Fiji Schoolies is one of the more popular destinations, with good reason. Fiji is beautiful, tropical, and full of great things to do and see.
  4. Terrigal Schoolies has quickly gained popularity as a Schoolies destination for its convenient location, excellent surf beaches, and plenty of parties and events to attend.
  5. Magnetic Island is popular because of its excellent location, great shopping, beautiful weather, and great atmosphere.
  6. Phillip Island Schoolies is a top destination because it has so much to offer. From great swimming and surfing to amazing dining options, and great parties. It has everything you’d want in a Schoolies Travel Package.
  7. Lorne Schoolies has amazing accommodations, great Schoolies events, is safe, and, of course who could forget the popular pier to swim every year.
  8. Gold Coast Schoolies is another very popular destination for graduating Schoolies. The white sands, great surf, and electric nightclubs attract over 50,000 Schoolies each year.
  9. Thailand Schoolies has increased in popularity as places around the Gold Coast have become so crowded. The beautiful nature, amazing culture, and great parties make for an excellent Schoolies destination.
  10. Bali Schoolies is on our list with good reason. This beautiful destination offers non-stop fun and entertainment for all.

You should book your Schoolies Travel Package in advance because the spots fill up very quickly.