Schoolies Options 2017

Schoolies week is such a big deal for teenagers that many start planning their trip the moment they enter high school. Of course, the trip will change in destination, friends, activities, even clothing between the time it is first imagined and the time it comes to pass. Today, many students in public schools have older brothers and sisters, or friends who do, and have seen the excitement of the teens that have already enjoyed a schoolie break. As a result, even primary and secondary students are beginning to dream of their own final year of high school and taking their own independent vacation.

Byron Bay

One of the most popular destinations for students is the Byron Bay area. For starters, the area is beautiful and full of exciting adventures that teenagers love. Water sports, fun sightseeing and daytrips are always popular for schoolies. Many of the activities are free of charge, or can be purchased at a discount with select Byron Bay accommodation agreements.

Other destinations are equally full of things to do for students, not to mention the chaperones who choose to tag along. The scenic beauty of Australia is beyond compare and should be experienced to the fullest. Some lodging accommodations offer tour packages along with the stay and are usually reasonably priced. To find out what hotels and resort accommodations along the Gold Coast offer the best deals for students, consult with a travel agent today.

Schoolies Options 2017

Parents, if your children attend any of the schools in Western Australia, chances are they are planning for their own leavers week after graduation. Even the students in primary & secondary schools have begun their own fantasies about what group of friends they will travel with and what cool things they will get to do after high school. In fact, rumour has it that the latest trend is students taking a mini-schoolie before high school. This is likely a short-lived fad, because part of the appeal is that parents are not part of the traditional leavers week. And, if eighth graders have to drag along mom and dad, they are going to spend so much time complaining that the trip would not even be worth it.

The more likely scenario is that younger children on routine family holidays are trying to spice things up a bit by pretending they are on a schoolie or some other hip and cool vacation with lots of friends around. At any rate, smart parents want to stay ahead of the game and plan early for schoolies 2017 accommodation and events. Advance reservations and bookings can definitely help save money and secure a spot at the most popular destinations and the best excursions.

School fees, especially around graduation, can be surprisingly expensive, so offsetting anything now is just an added bonus when the end of the school year arrives. Consult with an experienced travel agent today to find out what options are available for your teenager and their friends, as well as the most popular packages booking for the 2017 season.

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